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The 104th Airborne Division was a renegade American airborne division led by Colonel Whitemore.

Day of the Consortium

Main article: Battle of Cape Canaveral

The 104th was stationed at Cape Canaveral along with the 52nd and 81st during the launch day of Shuttle Liberty. When Task Force Talon arrived to stop the shuttle's launch, the three airborne divisions were alerted of TFT's presence and began assaulting the TFT's base.

After Kelly was reinstated, the 52nd and 81st stopped their attacks but the 104th continued its assaults against the TFT. As the 104th was led by Consortium agent Whitemore, it was declared a renegade division. With the combined efforts of the 52nd, 81st, and Task Force Talon, the division was completely annihilated.

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