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This is a list of the single-player campaign missions in Act of War: Direct Action.

Campaign Missions

1. Libyan Desert Raid

2. London Incident

3. Invasion of San Francisco

4. Invasion of Egypt

  • USS Truman to the Rescue
  • New Planes For New Strikes
  • "Sand between the Toes again"
  • Tracks in the Sand
  • At the Gates of Oil Hell
  • Countdown to Mayhem

5. Russian Civil War

  • "Ever Been to Russia?"
  • Strong Enough to Strike
  • Under the Kalinin Sun
  • Blowing the Enemy's Fuses
  • A Very Sensitive Situation
  • Operation Under Cover
  • With Us or Against Us?
  • Strange Bedfellows

6. Battle of Washington D.C.

  • The American Way of Fighting
  • VIPs to Rescue
  • A Major Hide and Seek Game
  • Escort and Extract
  • The Law of the Lawn
  • Go For the Birds
  • The Last Stronghold

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