Act of War: Operation Phoenix is a defunct mod idea. The mod was to focus on a new faction known as the Task Force Alpha Wing.


In the times after the Oil Crisis ended, terrorism was on the rise even more. Each year millions lost their lives to these terrorists of the Consortium. The U.S Army and the Task Force Talon were creating new more powerful units to combat this terrorism. Due to the strength of the Consortium the U.S Army and the Task Force Talon merged into one super-faction known as Task Force Alpha Wing. The TFAW called upon the Chinese for assistance against the Consortium, but on the other side the Consortium called upon Germany to aide them in the destruction of the TFAW and Chinese. The Consortium and Germany raided most of Asia taking everyone hostage as they moved along. On July 3, 2020 at 16:32 the President of The United States was murdered. The Vice-President Greg Hollingsworth was immediately sworn into oath. As president he declared war on the Consortium and Germany as did the Chinese. A new World War has begun and nobody could stop it.

After the merging of the U.S Army and Task Force Talon, Task Force Alpha Wing begun its long road to becoming a super-power in the war. Each day brought new technologies, new hopes, new dreams, and even new possibilities. Most of these new things were not shared with the Chinese just to make sure that if something were to happen to them, their secrets would still be safe. The motto of the faction is "Win, or Die Trying" a very powerful motivator for the troops and vehicle crew. The TFAW faced many hardships and internal conflicts until finally it had achieved its goal of becoming a super-power in the war. The fate of this faction is unknown. Only time will unravel what is in store for them...

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