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The Air Control Tower is a control tower used by the Consortium to deploy air strikes during the Oil Crisis and the Day of the Consortium.[2]



HT Portrait YF-23.png YF-23 Black Widow II
Costs $3200. Multi-role stealth fighter-bomber.
HT Portrait Blackjack.png Tu-160 Blackjack
Costs $3800. Long ranged, supersonic strategic bomber. High Treason only.[1]


DA Portrait EarlyWarningRadar CST.png Early warning radar
Costs $2500. As soon as an enemy initiates an air strike, the early warning radar gives an alert and provides information about the types of incoming aircraft, their flight path, and the estimated arrival time.
DA Portrait YF-23 EGBU-15.png YF-23 EGBU-15 laser-guided bomb
Costs $2500. Affects YF-23 Black Widow II.


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