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The Aircraft Control Tower allows for the deployment of Task Force Talon's aircraft. It requires Drone technology to be built.[1]


Up to three aircraft can be controlled by every aircraft control tower, necessitating the building of more towers in order to deploy more aircraft.



HT Portrait FA-35.png FA-35 Joint Strike Fighter
Costs $3200. Advanced multirole fighter.
DA Portrait GlobalHawk.png RQ-4A Global Hawk
Costs $1900. Unmanned reconnaissance aircraft.


DA Portrait GlobalHawk HellfireMissiles.png Hellfire missiles
Costs $2500. Affects RQ-4A Global Hawk.
HT Portrait FA-35 BLU-144.png BLU-144 Blackout bomb
Costs $3500. Affects FA-35 Joint Strike Fighter.
DA Portrait EarlyWarningRadar TFT.png Early warning radar
Costs $2500. As soon as an enemy initiates an air strike, the early warning radar gives an alert and provides information about the types of incoming aircraft, their flight path, and the estimated arrival time.


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