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Die, pigs!
- TX99 Akula

The TX99 Akula is an experimental unmanned Consortium heavy tank. It was built around a new railgun cannon and optical camo system.

With medium speed, stealth capabilities, and a powerful railgun cannon, the Akula is the perfect "hit and run" unit. However, Akula tanks do not have heavy armor like the M1A2 Abrams. Because the Akula is unmanned, it will not leave a pilot behind when it is destroyed.[1]


At the ready!
- TX99 Akula

Since TFT doesn’t have too many stealth detecting units, the Akulas can easily be used to their full potential, making them extremely effective against spinners. They are also good for picking off defences one by one. Good Akula micro really makes the difference. Their stealth is broken when driving over stuff like lamp posts, trees, cars, enemy units, etc. and of course when attacking. Remember, since it’s invisible, it can be used to effectively “block” off choke points like bridges.

However, its armor is very weak, so it will not stand in a direct engagement with either M1A2 Abrams or the Spinner UGCV.

The body of tank is similar to the body of the T-15 Russian heavy infantry fighting vehicle ("Armata" Universal Combat Platform). According it's name, "Akula" (Russian: Акула; English: Shark) is a Russian prototype tank


DA Portrait Akula Uranium.png Depleted uranium warhead
Costs $2500. Increase the damage of Akula by 33%.


When selected

  • Akula!
  • At the ready!
  • Ready to execute command!

When selected and damaged

  • Unit is shattered!
  • Enemy has a lock on us!

When ordered to move

  • We're going, over!
  • Let's go!
  • Rock 'n roll!
  • Yes sir!

When ordered to guard

  • The enemy will not enter!
  • I will guard with my life!

When ordered to attack

  • Die pigs!
  • Very good sir!

When ordered to stop

  • Will do!
  • I'm ready to continue sir!

When spotted enemies

  • Target in range!
  • I've got enemy troops, over!

When under fire

  • They're firing!
  • Enemy has spotted us!
  • Pinned down! Need more men!
  • Stealth tank is under heavy fire!

When ambushed

  • This unit is surrounded!
  • Enemies on all sides!

When requesting for repairs

  • Repair unit, come in!
  • Asking for repair unit now!

When unable to be ordered

  • I cannot, over!
  • The order is not possible!


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