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Anacondria: Rising was an Act of War: High Treason defunct total conversion science-fiction mod based on future conceptual equipment, such as the army's FCS and Land Warrior systems. Not lasers and plasma cannons. The gameplay was to follow three levels of fighting; the first level is light Infantry, where the G.I. is the basic fighting component, the second level advances to mechanized warfare, where the MBTs takes center stage, and finally the third level introduces strategic weapons.

Planned features

  • Three new factions: United States Space Expeditionary Force, Golden Star Alliance, and the Anacondrian Federation.
  • Each side has a unique way of fighting: U.S.-Mechanized warfare, A.F.-Infantry warfare.
  • Three levels of play infantry, mechanized, and strategic weapons
  • New resource collection. Palletized based resource gathering. No more mining instead you collect pallets from mining stations and where ever they are scattered across the map.
  • Mobile defense systems. Base defenses are vehicles that deploy.
  • Air control centers, can be upgraded to handle more aircraft.
  • Based on real world future combat systems.


In the year 2031 an FTL is designed and sent out to explore space. In 2039 Corporations start to send out teams to mine planets. During this time they have made it illegal to have firearms in hopes to have peace on Earth. In 2040 new vessels are created to haul more cargo from one place to another. There are four Planets the make up the Anacondria System and they are:

  • Stigia - the closest to the Anacondrian sun
  • Tareon - a lush planet where transplanting from earth took off
  • Anacondria - namesake of the system
  • Halicon - a large ringed ice planet

In 2050 the Anacondrian Federation slows down the haulers from the Tareon in fear of them overrunning their planet. Having no where to unload there cargo the haulers stack up in orbit around the planet. 2 months later a crew that has exhausted all of their supplies abandons a hauler which losses its orbit and falls and crashes into the planet. The Tareons blame Anacondria for this and declare economic war on the Anacondrian Federation. Hoping to calm both sides down the Council for Off Earth Affairs sends in a peacekeeping team. Outraged by this the Anacondrian Federation sends in an army that has been kept a secret from the U.N. The Council for Off Earth Affairs asks the Security Council to respond and the United States answers the call by sending in the pace Expeditionary Force. The Europeans also send in the Colonial Legion which forces a fight.




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