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Act of War: High Treason - New Units and Upgrades

U.S. Army

New & Modified Units

Electronic Fighting Vehicle (EFV)

AoWinfo HT EFV.jpg
  • The EFV electronic Fighting Vehicles are deployed out of the Heavy Armor Depots at a cost of $3800 each.
  • EFVs have no weaponry and weak armor, but you can manually switch them on to have either of three very special abilities:
    • Electronic Counter Measures – all nearby allied units (except other EFVs) will gain stealth capacity
    • EMP – all nearby buildings (including own and allied) are powered down. This will often have ripple-effects; if a TFT FOC is powered down, all structures powered by that FOC are also shut down.
    • ACCURACY – increases all nearby allied unit’s damage by x1.25. Effects are cumulative if several EFVs have this power switched on.
  • Using one of these special powers requires 30 MWs from Field Power Generators.

OH-58D Kiowa Warrior

AoWinfo HT Kiowa.jpg
  • The Kiowa Helicopters are deployed at the helipad at $1600 each.
  • Kiowas have stealth capacity while not firing or using its Ping radar.
  • You can manually activate the Ping radar which will increase the vision range by 2x and reveal enemy stealth units for ten seconds. It takes 60 seconds to recharge this ability.
  • Kiowa’s can manually fire short-range rocket salvos which are mostly effective against infantry targets. It takes 30 seconds to recharge this ability.


AoWinfo HT Stinger.jpg

Stinger soldiers are deployed at the Barracks and require DefCon 2 and a Field Hospital. They're $1200 each and very effective against aircraft and helicopters only. They can Ambush and enter buildings.

A-10 Thunderbolt

The A-10 now uses its nose-mounted Gatling gun against ground targets. It will automatically strafe the center of the target circle, inflicting medium damage in a straight line through the center of that circle. It is normally sufficient to take out infantry and light vehicles, and 3-4 Gatling strafing attacks can be enough to destroy a light structure.


  • The range of the MLRS systems is now vastly improved, as indicated on the green circle on the mini-map. This obviously makes the “Counter-Artillery Radar” upgrade much more powerful, as it reveals enemy artillery and allows the MLRS to fire back.
  • By clicking the “Fire at will” button, the MLRS will automatically open fire at all enemy targets in range and in sight.
  • The longer the distance to the target, the more scattered will the rockets be.

New & Modified Upgrades

M203 Grenade Launcher

  • This upgrade is now purchased per Marine, at $100 each.
  • It has the same effect though; increases the damage against enemy infantry, and allows large groups of Marines to be effective against buildings and static vehicles.

Bradley TOW Missiles

  • This upgrade requires Defcon 2 and is purchased in the Light Armor Depot for $2500.
  • After purchase, your Bradleys can toggle between using its normal 25mm chaingun and TOW guided missiles that are very effective against vehicles.

FAT-V KEM launcher

  • This upgrade requires Defcon 2 and is purchased by selecting the FAT-V, for $1000 each. It is non-reversible.
  • The Kinetic Energy Missiles are very effective against all types of static targets.
  • The FAT-V will automatically fire a KEM every seven seconds at any target within range, and will stop for 1.5 seconds while firing.

A-10 Thunderbolt CBU-105 Sensor-Fuzed Cluster Bombs

  • This upgrade requires Defcon 2 and is purchased in the Air Control Tower for $1500.
  • The A-10 will automatically drop two bombs on the center of the target circle, causing medium damage to all types of targets in a large area around the point of impact.

U.S. Naval Units

Landing Craft, Air Cushion (LCAC)

AoWinfo HT LCAC.jpg
  • The Landing Craft, Air Cushion (LCAC) costs $1000 and is deployed at the Shipyard.
  • It has eight transportation slots, i.e. same as a Black Hawk.
  • To load a unit in the LCAC, move both units close to the shore, select the unit(s) to load and right-click the LCAC. If it doesn't work, move the ship and the unit(s) to load closer.
  • To unload a unit, move the LCAC close to the shore where you want to unload and click the Unload button. The units will automatically end up on the shoreline.
  • LCACs are very vulnerable to enemy fire and are lightly armed.

FFG-7 Oliver Hazard Perry

AoWinfo HT FFG-7.jpg
  • The FFG-7 OLIVER HAZARD PERRY-class frigate costs $4000 and is deployed at the Shipyard.
  • It detects stealth units including submarines.
  • It deploys one SH60B Sea Hawk helicopter which, while hovering, will suspend a Sonobouy that also gives stealth detection.
  • By deploying several Sonobouy (i.e. dropping it in the water), a Sea Hawk can reveal large areas of fog of war, and also giving stealth detection. A Sea Hawk can deploy one Sonobouy every 15 seconds, at no cost.
  • Sonobouys remain deployed for 90 seconds.
  • Lost Sea Hawks can be replaced at a cost of $1000.
  • The Oliver Hazard Perry has a powerful deck gun capable of indirect barrage fire, its main offensive weapon however is a long-range Harpoon anti-ship missile that can be launched once every ten seconds.
  • The Oliver Hazard Perry has a powerful autocannon as anti-aircraft defense.

LHA-1 Tarawa Class Amphibious Assault Ship

AoWinfo HT Tarawa.jpg
  • The Tarawa Class Amphibious Assault Ship requires Defcon 2, costs $9000 and is deployed at the Shipyard.
  • The Tarawa deploys up to four Harrier II close-air support aircraft ($2000 each).
  • For all intent and purposes, Harriers perform as helicopters.
  • The Tarawa itself only has an autocannon as anti-aircraft defense, but the Harriers also carry air-to-air missiles.
  • Has the ability to launch an LCAC loaded with several units:
    • U.S. Marine ($200)
    • Javelin Anti-tank missile system ($500)
    • Stinger Surface-to-Air missile system ($1200)
    • M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle ($1800)
    • Avenger low-level air defense system ($1000)
    • M113A3 armored personnel carrier ($1200)
    • M1A2 Abrams main battle tank ($3000)

SSN Los Angeles Class Attack Submarine

AoWinfo HT LosAngeles.jpg
  • The SSN LOS ANGELES Class Attack submarine requires Defcon 2, costs $3500 and is deployed at the Shipyard.
  • It has stealth and stealth detection capabilities.
  • When attacking, a Los Angeles submarine will launch two homing torpedoes against its target every 15 seconds. These will loiter around in the target area for 20 seconds, or until they find a target.
  • BGM-109 Tomahawk Land-attack Cruise Missile.

DDG-51 Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer

AoWinfo HT ArleighBurke.jpg
  • The Arleigh Burke Class (AEGIS) guided missile destroyer requires Defcon 1, costs $10000 and is deployed at the shipyard.
  • The Arleigh Burke destroyer can deploy one SH60B Sea Hawk (see Oliver Hazard class destroyer above).
  • By activating its Ping radar, the Arleigh Burke destroyer can see very far. While activated, it can also be seen from far away.
  • The Arleigh Burke can deliver short range barrage fire with its deck gun, its main offensive weapon however are twin long-range Harpoon anti-ship missile that are fired once every nine seconds.
  • Has very powerful anti-aircraft defenses with both autocannon and anti-aircraft missiles.