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How to add your own music to the game

All the music and dialogues in the game are encoded in the OGG format (

As usual, you can put your own files in the right directories with the right names to override the files supplied in the archives files. To have the list of all the filenames, do a file search with this pattern .ogg on all the files with extension NDF

By doing so, you will stumble, among others, on this file : DataLight\Sound\AOW_Music.ndf

This file contains several references to OGG files that are used in the menu and while playing the game :

   * Ingame looping music : AoW\Data\ResSons\Musique\ZIC_loop_game.ogg
   * Main menu looping music : AoW\Data\ResSons\Musique\ZIC_loop_Interface.ogg
   * Credit looping music : AoW\Data\ResSons\Musique\ZIC_loop_Credits.ogg

To put your own music, all you have to do is :

   * Create the following directory AoW\Data\ResSons\Musique at the root of the game folder
   * Put 3 of your own OGG files and rename them to match the above filenames
   * Start the game and enjoy the music!