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My First Mod


This tutorial will teach you how to create, setup and build your first simple Act Of War MOD.
In this MOD we will change the speed at which Jefferson moves through the world.

Create a new MOD with the official sources

With the ModManager, enter 'My First MOD' in the MOD name and click on the Create with official Data button.
The official data files will be create in the game directory.

Alter Jefferson speed

Open source file <GameDirectory>\DataLight\DefaultNDF\Unites\ParametreSemantiques\_zAoW_XX_ParametresSemantiquesUnites_DoNotEdit.ndf

where <GameDirectory> is the name of the directory where the game has been installed.

Around the top of the file, find the code :

    MOUVEMENT              = 500

Change this code to :

    MOUVEMENT              = 500 * 2

By altering this number, we've told Jefferson to move two times faster than before.

Test the MOD files

Launch the game with the ModManager by using the Test MOD button.

Package the MOD files

Package your MOD using the ModManager by clicking on the Package MOD button.

Run the MOD

After having packaged your MOD, it should appear in the list of available MOD.
You can then double-click on it to launch the game with the selected MOD.

You’ve built your first MOD

Congratulations, you’ve now setup and built your first MOD.