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Print hook: send print output to Debugview

add this file to Datalight/PythonModules

"""print redirector. This module will redirect the stdout to DebugView when imported""" 

import sys 
import EugUtil 
import effet 

class debugview_stdout(object): 
    def __init__(self, text_writer): 
        self.text_writer = text_writer 
    def write(self, message): 
        self.text_writer.Affichage = message 

def activate_hook(): 
    text_writer = EugUtil.MakeObject("TEffetEugDebugWin32") 
    sys.stdout = debugview_stdout(text_writer) 
    print "Print hook activated"

now activate it with this ndf code:

    Code = """ 
    import printhook