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Quick introduction to the ParNDF language

In a few words...

ParNDF is a parallel programming language also called concurrent language.

Its main asset is the ease it provides to describe sequential or simultaneous actions to be performed.

ParNDF uses the same syntax than the NDF language.

What does it looks like ?

// Here, Hello and World actions are launched simultaneously, ie. both at the same time.
FirstAction is SIMU with
 Hello is TEffetEugDebugWin32(Affichage = 'Hello'),
 World is TEffetEugDebugWin32(Affichage = 'World'),

// Here, I_will_end_first and Wait_That_Never_Ends actions are launched in competition
// ie. the first that ends means the end of the others.
SecondAction is COMPET with
 I_will_end_first is TEffetEugDebug(Affichage = 'The Wait action will never ends !'),
 Wait_That_Never_Ends is TWaitPrecis(DureeEnSecondes = 5)

// Here, FirstAction and SecondAction are launched sequentially, ie. one after the other.
main is SEQ with