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Fully operational!
- BMM-1 Medevac

The Simfoniya BMM-1 Medevac is the unarmed medical variant transport of the BTR-80 of the Consortium.[1]


Here we come!
- BMM-1 Medevac

The BMM-1 can bring eight heavily-wounded infantry back to the Field Prison Camp to refund their purchase price. The BMM-1 can also heal surrounding infantry units.

In High Treason the unit's abilities were largely overhauled. It can no longer perform evac duties and does not passively heal injured infantry. Instead, it can periodically deploy to heal nearby infantry, including heavily-wounded personnel.[2]


DA Portrait HealZone.png Heal zone
BMM-1 Medevac will automatically heal all wounded units within the zone designated on the map, prioritizing the ones closest to the center.
DA Portrait ReturnToHospital.png Return to hospital
BMM-1 Medevac will return to the nearest field prison camp.


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