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Tonight we're a nation called to defend freedom. The enemy cannot hide. Together we will let the terrorists know that they will never win.
- Baldwin, after the San Francisco attack

Baldwin was the President of the United States during the Oil Crisis of 2017. Three years later, Baldwin was killed during the beginning of the Day of the Consortium.


President Baldwin is shown to be quite a polite and affable person. He stands for what he believes in and tries his best to ensure the safety of the American people. Baldwin is also willing to listen to the counsel of those around him when presented with good evidence.

Being a veteran of the Vietnam War, Baldwin is willing to help those who are wounded even under dangerous circumstances; after his Marine One helicopter was shot down by Zakharov, Baldwin tried to help the wounded Chamberlain but the Secret Service agents quickly escorted him out of the wreck.


Oil Crisis

During the Oil Crisis, Baldwin activated Task Force Talon in response to the terrorist attack at Houston, to protect World Energy Forum from a potential terrorist attack.

After the Battle of San Francisco, Baldwin initiates Operation Hedgehog to recall all oversea military assets to protect the United States from further terrorist attacks, but this resulted in the TransGlobal Energy complex at Egypt being vulnerable to terrorist forces. With this problem discovered by Richter, Baldwin authorizes the Task Force Talon to engage the invading forces in Egypt, supported by the USS Harry S. Truman.

After the TGE complex was secured, the Task Force Talon discover that the attacks in London, San Francisco, and Egypt were perpetrated by the Consortium, led by oil oligarch Yegor Zakharov. Having identified the kingpin, Baldwin with the Russian President Petrenko launch a joint operation to capture Zakharov in his stronghold near Moscow. After a battle with Consortium forces and the renegade 11th Armored Corps, the Task Force Talon succeed in capturing Zakharov.

During that time, Consortium cells in the United States managed to take control of Washington D.C.. The Task Force Talon arrive back from Russia with Zakharov, but they are forced to let him go in exchange for the lives of the senators held hostage. Baldwin along with Chamberlain attempt to evacuate the White House shortly before the occupying forces arrive, but his Marine One helicopter was shot down by Zakharov himself. Baldwin tried to rescue the unconscious Chamberlain out of the wreckage, but his accompanying Secret Service agents escorted him out.

With the aid of Task Force Talon, Baldwin evaded capture from the Consortium. After TFT retook the White House, Zakharov reveals that he is in control of the Falling Star weapon, with Chamberlain hostage. Despite Baldwins pleas to persuade Chamberlain from entering the access codes, Chamberlain gives Zakharov control of the uplink before he is executed.

Having deployed Patriot batteries to counter the Falling Star strikes, the Task Force Talon and the US military deploy cruise missiles to destroy Zakharov's base. With Zakharov dead and a large portion of Washington a smouldering crater, the Oil Crisis came to an end with Baldwin left to lead a battered country.

Day of the Consortium

It was a bloodbath.
- General Kelly, after the President's Assassination

Three years later, on the eve of the US presidential election, his VP, Josh Cardiff, and Senator James Watts were attacked by terrorists and while Sergeant Oz Jackson was fighting to save Cardiff at the JFK International Airport. President Baldwin and his motorcade was driving out of the White House. Soon the vehicles, including the President's limo, exploded, resulting in the deaths of the President and several others. General Kelly assumed that the explosives were planted before the vehicles left the garage.

Cardiff later succeeded Baldwin as the acting President. A member of the Consortium himself, it was heavily implied that Cardiff was directly behind the President's assassination. Following TFT's final assault on a Consortium base in the Taklamakan Desert, Cardiff was found dead and James Watts became the president-elect of the United States.

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