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The barracks is a production structure that allows the training and deployment of infantry of the Task Force Talon.[2]



DA Portrait TFCommando Task Force Commando
Costs $450. Elite infantry unit.
DA Portrait HeavySniper Heavy sniper
Costs $900. Sniper infantry unit.
HT Portrait OCSW Objective Crew Served Weapon
Costs $1000. Multi-role infantry unit. High Treason only.[1]


DA Portrait Field Intelligence Field intelligence center
Costs $1800. This building generates revenue when prisoners are inside.


DA Portrait CQBCapture Close Quarters Battle capture training
Costs $2000. Affects prisoners of war. Requires field intelligence center.
DA Portrait GUOSDrone GUOS drone deployment
Costs $1000. Affects Task Force Commandos. In High Treason, this upgrade will also affect heavy snipers.[1]



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