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The barracks is a production structure that allows the training and deployment of infantry of the United States Army.[3]



DA Portrait USMarine.png U.S. Marine
Costs $200. Basic infantry unit.
DA Portrait Javelin.png Javelin missile
Costs $500. Anti-tank infantry unit.
DA Portrait MortarSquad.png Mortar squad
Costs $600. Indirect fire infantry unit.
DA Portrait Sniper.png Sniper
Costs $700. Sniper infantry unit.
HT Portrait Stinger.png Stinger
Costs $1200. Anti-aircraft infantry unit. High Treason only.[1][2]
DA Portrait DeltaForce.png Delta Force
Costs $700. Elite infantry unit.


DA Portrait USMarine M203.png U.S. Marine M203 grenade launcher
Costs $1000. Affects U.S. Marine. Direct Action only.[1]
DA Portrait NonLethalFighting.png Non-lethal fighting training
Costs $2000. Affects all allied U.S. Army infantry.



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