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The Battle of Fort McCoy was a short series of engagements between the disavowed Task Force Talon and the US Army units stationed at Fort McCoy including the unit called "Red Cell". It resulted in the Task Force fleeing the US mainland and heading to Central America to investigate why and who had framed them.


Can you believe that boss? General Kelly a traitor?
- Jefferson's incredulity at Morrison Kelly's charge

SergeantOz Jackson and a squad of TFT Commandos rides in a CIA Armored van to Fort McCoy. Meanwhile Jefferson and Richter watch a news report on the arrest of General Kelly and other important people for conspiring against the President of the United States and the death of Senator Watts; they face the charge of treason.

Jefferson cannot believe that the general is a traitor, to which Richter responds that's why they are at Fort McCoy. When Jefferson asks what's at Fort McCoy, Richter tells him that it is something called: "Red Cell".

Ambush and rescue

So much for courtesy...take cover!
- Oz just before capture

Richter cautions Sergeant Jackson to play nice as they are simply there about the investigation into Senator Watts's murder, to which the sergeant replies in the affirm.

On reaching their destination, they are greeted by Agent Roe (strangely, none of the characters remark on this despite his role in the rescue of Senator Watts) who trains his gun on them and orders them to surrender as they are trespassing on secured territory. Despite Jackson's protests, the CIA agent threatens to open fire on them.

Trapped and surrounded with no way out, Jackson refuses and his squad and the van are cut down in a hail of gunfire from Roe and several Delta Force soldiers despite Richter's plea to withdraw.

Richter orders Jefferson to get down to the Fort and set up a base to rescue Oz.

As Jefferson and his forces land and begin to set up a base, Richter asks Jefferson to infiltrate the enemy base and acquire intel to know more about what they are facing. Richter also notes that the only heavy equipment the force has are three Strykers, although Richter notes that Jefferson can call in all the buggies that he needs. Vega also notes that there are a limited number of Heavy Snipers and that Jefferson can only call in TFT commandos.

As Jefferson leaves, the rest of the base is set up with a barracks and vehicle command center as well as turrets surrounding it to defend. With no oil around, the task force takes control of several nearby supply caches in order to generate funds.

Meanwhile, a new TFT unit, the OCSW, is deployed. Vega cautions Richter to use them properly as they have two different firing modes for armored or infantry targets, she snarkily tells him that she's trying to ensure he doesn't get them all killed when he groans about her telling him everything.

As Jefferson works on gathering intel, a large force is created to assault the heavily defended position where Oz is held captive, the three strykers are converted to Mobile Gun Systems for extra firepower, and OCSWs are brought in to take care off infantry.

The assault is still a bloody affair though, lacking heavy armor and artillery TFT is forced to fight conservatively even as mortars rain on the attacking force, all three strykers are nearly destroyed from several Javelins and heavy armor, commandos supported by heavy snipers are forced to face Delta Force soldiers and APCs while OCSWs switch repeatedly to face either armor or infantry.

Eventually though Oz is rescued and Roe is killed, but they're not out of the woods yet...

Breakout and escape

Don't worry boss, I'm a big boy, I can take care of myself.
- Jefferson reassuring Richter

Despite securing Sergeant Oz, Jefferson comes in with bad news; the 83rd Armored Division is coming in to wipe out Task Force Talon. Oz takes whatever remains of the force and fights his way through to the escape zone, clearing it out for the rest of the force to evacuate. However, more forces come in to destroy the TFT forces; Jefferson volunteers to stay behind to hold them off for as long as possible while Oz and what remains of the TFT escape to another part of Fort McCoy. Despite Richter's misgivings, Oz agrees with Jefferson, and Richter is forced to leave Jefferson behind, eventually leaving the area behind as the 83rd Armored Division destroys the TFT base.

Gaining a foothold

In another part of the base, Oz and his small force rapidly assault and takeover a small outpost in the Fort. They then bring in construction equipment and begin to build their own base; as all the turrets and the TFT barracks were back on the other side of Fort McCoy, Oz is unable to bring in infantry or set up turrets. He instead scavenges for US armored vehicles, and is able to find a few Bradleys and a large depot of Abrams tanks nearby; the tanks are put to good use defending the base from assaults by a Northern US base.

As Fort McCoy contains several dumps of cash, Richter orders Oz to seize a few for his own use. Oz is then able to call in a few TFT vehicles and SHIELD units for support.

As forces are built up, Vega remarks that they should do something about their manpower issue. Richter sarcastically quips that they should try asking the enemy to change sides. Vega then suggests using calling in mercenaries; Richter is outraged at the idea, angrily remarking that mercenaries are something the other side uses. Vega then reminds him that the US military itself has been a frequent user of mercenaries.

Richter finally relents, but demands that Vega tell the mercenaries that he expects them to act professionally.

Vega is able to get the Schwarzer Hund, Grizzly Combat Rescue Team and the Dogs of War mercenaries to aid them for a price.

With the additional manpower at hand, Oz uses them in conjunction with his own forces to assault the US base, destroying it quickly and easily with few losses.

Final Assault

Oz begins preparations for an assault on the main US base in the area; however it is very well defended with multiple turrets, bunkers and artillery.

As Richter knows that the area they are in was formerly a training ground for 83rd AD, he advises Vega to find some heavy artillery. Vega is curious as to how Richter knows that; Richter tells her that his ex-wife married someone from the 83rd, leading Vega to conclude that Richter is spying on her since neither he nor his ex-wife have spoken since the divorce.

Richter tells her to get back on task, and she finds a trio of MLRS vehicles for Oz to use. Oz puts them to work peeling back the defenses of the main base until all the turrets are destroyed, whereupon he charges with the Abrams tanks leading. The rest of the base quickly crumbles under the assault.

Tracking the framers

At the sametime, Jefferson has infiltrated even further into the Fort, and is now just outside the airfield where he saw containers being loaded onto a plane.

Richter advises him to be stealthy and reminds him that Delta Force soldiers have thermal detectors to spot him with; in addition, the place is ringed with heavy vehicles, and there are large patrols roaming the place. Jefferson uses the tree lines in between pathways to take cover as he slowly moves through the forest. At the end of the forest he finds a large section patrolled by Delta Force soldiers with marines in escort. Jefferson has to slowly wait for gaps in between patrols to run through and take cover in small bushes to block their line of sight.

Eventually, he makes it all the way to the hangar areas, but can get no closer as the entire area had been locked down by delta force teams.

Oz infiltrates in at this point; he helps Jefferson by performing hit and run snipes on the Delta Force soldiers guarding the plane. This causes many of the surrounding units to flee the area, allowing Jefferson to get onto the plane and plant a tracking beacon. When Richter tells him to extract, Jefferson remarks that he saw AMRIID patches on the containers. Richter orders Vega to check it out while Jefferson heads for extraction.

The two then begin their extraction, now that the complex has been fully alerted to their presence, the duo begin to make their way to the extraction point where a stealthed V-44 is waiting for them. They fight through a large force consisting of mortars, snipers and marines and are finally able to evacuate out of the area.


The tracking beacon planted on the plane enables Task Force Talon to track the plane all the way to it's landing site on the Yucatan Peninsula in Central America.

Task Force Talon follows closely behind to investigate who framed them and was able to get them disavowed by the US military.