Battle of the Alamo

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Battle of the Alamo is an official mod by Eugen Systems for Act of War: High Treason that focuses on a tower defense gameplay.


Your mission is simple -- defend your HQ at any cost!!!

The A.I. will launch one vicious assault after the other, every two minutes, against your defenses -- don't even bother trying to destroy the A.I.'s HQ as it's indestructible!

The A.I. only has one difficulty setting: DEADLY! Instead, use the "Time to survive" option (10, 15, 20, 25, 30 min, or forever!) to decide the length (and thereby difficulty) of the game. On larger maps, you can also add more than one A.I. for an additional challenge.

At the end of the game, you will get a summary screen with your time setting, number of A.I.s and map played -- simply take a screenshot of this (and save your game replay as proof!) to earn bragging rights on the fan sites!

You can't have any A.I. allies, and all A.I.s are always on the same team -- you're all on your own, buddy!

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