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This is the buggy!
- Buggy

The buggy is the standard rapid attack and reconnaissance vehicle of the Task Force Talon during the Oil Crisis and the Day of the Consortium.[1]


Equipped with a 12.7 mm machine gun and 20 mm grenade launcher, the Buggy is excellent for scouting or fast hit-and-run tactics. The Buggy can only carry two soldiers, but it has a good vision range and stealth detection capabilities. Each passenger the Buggy carries also gives it a 25% damage boost.

The Buggy can also be upgraded with light Stinger missiles, making it an already cheap yet powerful AA support vehicle. Care should be taken because its light armor and can't take much punishment despite having that AA bite. But squads of Stinger Buggies will cover more than adequately until Spinners can be produced.


DA Portrait Buggy Stinger.png Light Stinger launcher
Adds anti-air capability to the Buggy causing 100 damage against helicopters and aircraft with a cooldown of 4 seconds.



Area is secured!
- Buggy
  • The Buggy is likely based on the real world Desert Patrol Vehicle or the Light Strike Vehicle.

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