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DA Portrait ChopperPad.png

The chopper pad is an undercover support structure designed to build helicopters for the Consortium. It requires a motor pool and costs $1800 to be built.[2]


Units available

DA Portrait Hind.png Mi-35 Hind
Costs $2000. Attack and transport helicopter.
HT Portrait Ka-58.png Ka-58 Black Ghost
Costs $2000. Anti-air stealth attack helicopter. High Treason only.[1]


DA Portrait Hind FFAR Hydra.png Hind FFAR Hydra rockets
Costs $2500. Affects Mi-35 Hind.
HT Portrait Hind AT-6 Spiral.png Hind AT-6 Spiral missile launcher
Costs $3000. Affects Mi-35 Hind. High Treason only.[1]


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