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Several WAV files compiled inside the game files of Act of War: High Treason reveal that there was to be a Consortium campaign for one of the two games. The protagonist of the campaign is referred to as a Major, and his adjutant is a man named "Blanks".

Audio files

All WAV files can be accessed via Resources Browser.

File name Description
blackhawk.wav Radio chatter of a UH-60 Blackhawk pilot, moments before it is shot down.
BLANKS_intercepting a lot of com.wav
BLANKS_intercepting a swat com.wav
gimme clearance.wav The major demands clearance for an air strike.
god damn it.wav The major cusses upon the discovery of enemy aircraft.
I wanna use air support.wav
I want civilians.wav The major orders a group of civilians to be under his command.
intro.wav Dramatic, tense track. Used for an intro of a mission.
maximum intel.wav
MIX_YF23 Blanks introduces the major to the Consortium's experimental YF-23 Black Widow II. Blanks may have unintelligibly mentioned the major's actual name in the beginning.
request maximum alert.wav The major requests maximum alert status in order to eliminate all enemy forces in the area. Most likely referring to Alert Status Revealed.
we are to process.wav The major orders processing information for the senators' rescue. Mispronounces senators.
well done.wav Congratulations by the major.