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Listen up everyone! Senator Watts is gonna appear live on every network in the country. Cardiff's gonna shit his pants and hit us with everything he's got!
- Jason Richter

Now with Senator Watts, Task Force Talon retreats to a base in the Bahamas commanded by a friend of Richter's, from there they hope to use Watts to broadcast proof of Cardiff's duplicity in the death of President Baldwin and expose his connections to the consortium as well as free General Morrison Kelly.


My fellow Americans, our country is in grave danger...
- Senator Watts, kicking off the interview

During their time in Cuba, Task Force Talon found out that then Vice-President Cardiff was an accomplice in the death of President Baldwin, he was supported by one Dr. Morales, who was working with the Consortium to develop the X-357 virus from a virus normally lethal the animals only into a virus capable of killing humans.

They were also able to find Senator Watts who had been thought dead after the top of the Kiefer Tower had been destroyed, with that in mind, they decided to broadcast an interview from a base in the Bahamas commanded by a friend of Richter's in order to not only get Cardiff impeached, but also free Morrison Kelly from prison.


It's begun...all hands to battle-stations!
- Richter as the Consortium begins its assault

As the senator begins his interview with a message to the American people, Vega picks up activity all around the island, Richter immediately orders battle-stations and prepares for the incoming assault. Jefferson wonders if they will actually be attacked by U.S. military units, Richter however, believes that Cardiff will only use units that he can trust and that the forces arrayed against them are probably Consortium forces posing as the US.

Several light ships attack the island first, one is warded off by an MLRS , while the others are attacks by the frigates of the island as well as the few submarines that the island has. One submarine is barely able to escape after it is hunted by an ASW chopper from a Visby class corvette.

More attacks ensue with heavier ships including several airstrikes by the Consortium's own planes, the attacks are held off by submarines performing hit n' run attacks on the destroyers while frigates engage the planes and Consortium commandeered frigates of their own. Eventully though, the assault wears down, in order to secure their position, Richter decides to take out the enemy facilities on on island to the Northwest of their own. The position is is not very heavily defended, so frigates close in to fire their deck gun against the lighter, less armored corvettes while submarines pound the islands defences with their cruise missiles.

Colonel Whitemore? President Cardiff speaking, I want you to drop every last missile you've got on those bastards. I want Watts, Richter and his little gang dead! Do you hear me?!
- Cardiff demanding that Whitemore eliminate Senator Watts and Task Force Talon


Cardiff jumped ship, he's gone. I need to testify before congress in person ASAP.
- Watts informing Richter of the situation.

Watts informs Richter that the interview has been finished, however Cardiff has seemingly disappeared and cannot be found anywhere, he adds that he has to go to Washington D.C. to testify against Cardiff in Congress ASAP.

The island that TFT has taken still has a functioning helipad, a Blackhawk is commandeered to take Watts to Washington D.C., however standing in the way of the helicopter's path are a single Arleigh Burke destroyer and a pair of Visbys. The Consortium also begins launching airstrikes directed at the helicopter in an attempt to stop Watts, a single frigate puts itself in the path of the aircraft and shoots them down with its CIWS.

At the same time, the final typhoon makes it's reappearance and targets the helipad with a tactical missile, although TFT is able to evacuate the area before it hits, a frigate hunts down the typhoon and destroys it, finishing off the final typhoon with a torpedo salvo.

TFT's own submarines close on the group and navigate through the sonar-buoys to perform hit and run tactics that destroys both Visbys, leaving the Arleigh Burke open and allowing it to easily be destroyed by the submarines.

The way open, Senator Watts leaves the area, leaving TFT to finish off the Consortium base.

Tracking the sample

At this point, General Kelly contacts TFT, having just been reinstated to the US military, after talking to AMRIID he has found out that the mutation of the X-357 can only take place in a pristine environment like space. This causes Richter to realise that the V-24 is headed for the Cape Canaveral shuttle launch site, a realisation confirmed a moment later by Vega's course projections.

Richter tells Kelly that he thinks the Consortium will try to hijack the space shuttle liberty, leaving the General to deal with it while TFT cleans up the area.

TFT finally launches its counteroffensive against the Consortium base, frigates close with their deck guns bombarding the island while submarines launch cruise missiles at it, despite the artillery shelling from the island on the ships, the base is quickly reduced to rubble.


With the live interview of Senator Watts revealing to the United States of then Vice-President Cardiff's implication in the assassination of President Baldwin , as well as the fact that he has received the support of and been working with the Consortium, Cardiff disappears while Kelly is reinstated. Kelly informs Richter that the modification of the X-357 can only be done in a pristine environment like space.

Richter deduces that the VTOL transport carrying a sample of the virus is headed towards the shuttle launch site at Cape Canaveral just as Vega's tracking confirms it, Task Force Talon resolves to head for the launch site to stop the shuttle from launching.