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The Electronic Fighting Vehicle is an unarmed support vehicle of the United States Army.


Electronic Fighting Vehicles are deployed out of the heavy armor depots at a cost of $3800 each.[1]

EFVs have no weaponry and weak armor, but you can manually switch them on to have either of three very special abilities:

  • Electronic counter measures – all nearby allied units (except other EFVs) will gain stealth capacity
  • Electromagnetic pulses – all nearby buildings (including own and allied) are powered down. This will often have ripple-effects; if a TFT FOC is powered down, all structures powered by that FOC are also shut down.
  • Improved targeting – increases all nearby allied unit’s damage by x1.25. Effects are cumulative if several EFVs have this power switched on.

Using one of these special powers requires 30 MWs from Field Generators.


HT Portrait EFV ECM.png Switch to ECM mode
Electronic counter-measures cloak all allied units around the EFV, giving them stealth capability. However the EFV will not be cloaked.
HT Portrait EFV EMP.png Switch to EMP mode
Intermittent EMP pules will power down all buildings (including your own!) around the EFV.
HT Portrait EFV ImprovedTargeting.png Switch to improved targeting mode
All allied units around the EFV will do more damage. Effects are cumulative.



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