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Ever Been to Russia is the ninth mission of Act of War: Direct Action.[1]



  • Jefferson must not die: If Sergeant Major Jefferson is ever lost or captured, the mission will fail.
  • Cross bridge over the Volga River: Move all your units across the Volga river. The bridge is probably well defended, stay alert!
  • Meet up with reinforcements in eastern sector of Tver town: Locate the Recon Battalion of the First Armored Division in Tver town. Eliminate any hostile forces. Note that the enemy has heavy anti-tank capability in that sector. Hint: use your infantry to clear the path for your vehicles.
  • Destroy the western roadblock: Eliminate enemy presence on the highway. Be careful, the enemy has fortified the area. Hint: try to weaken the enemy position before attacking.
  • Destroy the eastern roadblock: Destroy the enemy roadblock located on the highway. Move slowly and watch for enemy anti-tank weapons. Hind: use the Task Force's Repair FAT-Vs to repair your vehicles.


  • Destroy the enemy barracks: Destroy the barracks located north of your position, on the destroyed section of the highway, to stop the enemy assaults.
  • Destroy the tokamak reactors: Destroy the tokamak reactors north of your position to power down the enemy railgun turrets.
  • Scout the unpaved road: There is a dirt road near the tokamak reactors. Send some infantry units to explore it. You may be able to circle around and weaken the enemy's flank.



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