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I'll keep it safe.
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The typical reconnaissance unit of the U.S. Army, the FAT-V has fast speed, long range of sight with thermal detectors to detect stealth units.[2] It is essentially a Humvee, designed for scouting and picking off infantry targets. The chassis also forms the base platform for the Avenger anti-air vehicle.

The Task Force Talon uses a logistic version of the Humvee, the Repair FAT-V whose role is to provide field repairs to vehicles but retaining its thermal sensors for stealth detection.


You're on, girls!
- FAT-V, unloading infantry

The FAT-V can transport up to four infantry helping to bring them to the front lines quicker. The FAT-V is a good escort for a defensive line for cloaking detection. It is fitted with an M60 Medium Machine gun that is effective against infantry.

In High Treason, FAT-Vs can be individually upgraded with a kinetic energy missile launcher. This makes the unit highly effective against any static ground target, however the upgrade is non-reversible.


HT Portrait FAT-V KEMLauncher.png KEM launcher
Costs $1000. Upgrades the FAT-V with a KEM launcher that is very effective against structures and vehicles. The FAT-V retains stealth detection capability, but can no longer carry infantry.


  • The FAT-V appears to be a Humvee with several new computerized systems, in fact, according to several in-game files, the FAT-V is designated as "HumVee".


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