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The Falling Star uplink is the tactical weapon of the Consortium. The Falling Star was initially a project started by the United States government, which was later cancelled and thought to be a myth after. It was used by the Consortium during Operation Rushmore and the Taklamakan Desert Siege.[1]

Overview Edit

The Falling Star can track up to three Falling Star satellites and direct them to crash onto a specific area, dealing massive damage to any unit or structure in the vicinity.

This damage can be augmented with the Ebola II hemorrhagic fever strain, causing any surviving infantry units to take damage over time.

Produces Edit

Warhead Edit

DA Portrait FallingStar Warhead Conventional warhead
Costs $3000. A maximum of three warheads can be deployed.
DA Portrait FallingStar Warhead Ebola Ebola fever warhead
Costs $3000. Requires Ebola II hemorrhagic fever strain.

Upgrades Edit

DA Portrait EbolaII Ebola II hemorrhagic fever strain
Costs $2500. Falling Star satellites and MM-1 Mortar shells are charged with a small dose of the Ebola virus strain, causing slow and inevitable death to all affected infantry units, even allied infantry, unless they receive immediate and sustained medical attention.

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