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Moving out now.
- Fennek

The Fennek is the Consortium stealth scout and transport vehicle.[1]


The Fennek is built around an optical camouflage engine, making it invisible. It is also very fast, has long-distance visibility as well as thermal detection for spotting stealth units, and it can carry up to four passengers.


The Fennek is also able to detect stealth units and can transport up to 4 infantry units. Since it’s invisible, it can be used to effectively “block” off choke points like bridges. It is good for transporting a group of Optical Camo soldiers around, which also gives it an attack bonus. That pairing synergies well for stealth missions and sneaking behind enemy lines. However that comes at a cost of it being not only expensive, but also lightly armored and can be easily taken out once detected.


DA Portrait LoadUnit.png Load
An infantry unit that is selected will load into the Fennek. Ability cannot be preformed if all the Fennek's transport slots are full.
DA Portrait UnloadUnits.png Unload all units
By instead pressing the V key and designating a location on the map, the Fennek will first move to that indicated location and unload there. Ability cannot be preformed if all the Fennek's transport slots are empty.


  • Despite being of modern German design in reality, the Fennek in Act of War is armed with a Soviet machine gun.


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