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Financial Interests in Frisco is the fifth mission of Act of War: Direct Action.[1]



  • Jefferson must not die: If Sergeant Major Jefferson is ever lost or captured, the mission will fail.
  • Secure TransGlobal Energy headquarters office building: Place at least one unit inside the TransGlobal Energy complex. As long as you've got one unit in the building, it will generate revenue.
  • Defend TransGlobal Energy headquarters office building: Keep the enemy from capturing the TransGlobal Energy headquarters office building. The more infantry you put in a building, the more difficult it is for the enemy to capture it.
  • Put three Javelin units in each TransGlobal Energy office building: Deploy Javelin units from the barracks. You need to place at least three Javelin units in each of the three TransGlobal Energy office buildings.
  • Move to DEFCON 2: Select your headquarters and upgrade your status to DEFCON 2 by clicking the DEFCON 2 icon.
  • Clear the two roadblocks: Eliminate all enemy units around the roadblocks indicated on the map. Beware of artillery outside your line of sight; don't charge with unprotected infantry. Helicopters may prove very useful but be careful of enemy anti-aircraft.
  • Destroy the two enemy forward bases: Destroy all enemy base structures around the signal shown on the map. You do not necessarily need to eliminate infantry garrisoned in civilian buildings and enemy units on the ground, but it can't hurt.
  • Destroy the enemy headquarters: Destroy the enemy headquarters indicated on the map. Hint: eliminate enemy structures with Paladins, vehicles with Apaches, and aircraft and infantry with SHIELDs.



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