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The "Fireworks" suicide nuke illegal mercenaries truck is a Kenworth W900 truck that carries and can deploy a 200 kt tactical nuclear warhead, which can detonate into a massive explosion that destroys and damages nearby units and buildings. The destruction is comparable to that of a tactical weapon.[1]


Although it is labeled as a "suicide" nuke, the vehicle will not directly destroy itself like the Ural bomber. When ordered to deploy its weapon, the truck will arm the bomb and set it down on the ground. The armed nuke (which gains stealth once deployed) can be detonated on command, whether or not the carrier truck is within the explosion's radius. It's worth noting that if the carrier truck is then moved away and survives the detonation, it will be picked up by helicopter and its $15000 deployment/insurance fee will be refunded to the player. This isn't the case if the truck is destroyed, meaning that it's technically more beneficial to not destroy the "suicide" unit in a suicide attack.

However, once the bomb is deployed, the carrier truck must remain on the battlefield until detonation. Even if the nuke is deployed and armed, ordering the Fireworks truck to evacuate from the battlefield will result in the bomb being evacuated as well.


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