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Richter: Alright Ray, how does it feel to be a Future Force Warrior?
Jefferson: Great only no cigar lighter!

- Richter to Jefferson about the FFW

The Future Force Warrior is an upgrade of the Task Force Commando that requires a SHIELD Control Center and costs $550.

The upgrade has to be made individually for each Commando. Future Force Warriors are superior to Task Force Commandos in all aspects; armor, firepower, and speed.[1]


The Future Force Warrior upgrade adds a potent grenade launcher stronger that that of the US Marines' M203, capable of of dealing effective damage against light and medium vehicles. The FFW armor is significantly boosted compared to the Commandos, making the FFW uncrushable by vehicles. However FFWs heal far slower than Commandos (pulse only). In a single engagement they win over both Consortium and US Army high-tier infantry while with a very reasonable cost (1000 total), given their abilities compared to their more expensive Consortium equivalent (1200) and the cheaper US Army equivalent (700).


DA Portrait Capture.png Capture
Selected unit(s) will capture all enemy POWs in the target location designated on the map.
DA Portrait Ambush.png Ambush
Selected unit(s) will hide behind cover, such as trees or civilian vehicles, to do more damage.



Acknowledged sir, I'm moving in.
- Future Force Warrior
  • In reality, the Future Force Warrior was a program that sought to create a lightweight, fully integrated infantryman combat system. It was originally a part of the Future Combat Systems program before it was cancelled.

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