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The Grizzly Search and Rescue Medic Team official mercenaries consists of five combat medics. Each medic is capable of giving the same healing radius as any other healing unit, giving you a total of five healing radii.[1]

They are armed with heavy pistols and are capable to defend themselves against infantry. While they are able to take out diverted or wounded enemies they are not meant for combat and are not effective against other infantry.

Each member of the squad can use his healing ability only once. After the healing abilities are depleted the squad should be released in order to make space for a new squad of Grizzly Medics.



  • The Grizzly rescue team take on the appearance of park rangers or cowboys.
  • There is a bug where they won't heal other mercenaries.
  • There is a bug where they will arrest your own units. Sometimes triggered while healing them. This won't result in a POW but the unit will be removed from the game.
  • They are the only mercenaries (in multiplayer) that can arrest enemies.

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