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Today's crisis has been artificially inflated, and I'll tell you why; Companies like Pemico have reduced output quarters unnecessarily, I would like to add, to create a false crisis.
- Arthur Kingman, debating Jude Corwin during a SATCOM interview.

Harold Chester Kingman, also known as Arthur, is the president and CEO of TransGlobal Energy corporation.[1]


An oil magnate, Harold Kingman was also friends with National Security Adviser Robert Chamberlain. During the Oil Crisis in 2017, he appeared in a SATCOM Spotlight interview with Jude Corwin, led by Avery Jones. He accuses Corwin's Pemico and other fossil fuel companies of artificially creating the energy crisis by deliberately reducing their oil output.

On May 20, Kingman arrived in attendance at the World Energy Forum meeting in London with other oil industry leaders when it was attacked by unidentified terrorists. His vehicle was hijacked and Kingman was kidnapped and taken to a safehouse along with Yegor Zakharov. When Task Force Talon commandos arrived to rescue him, he was found drugged and unconscious.


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