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DA Portrait HQ USA

The headquarters is the primary production center of the United States Army from which construction vehicles can be produced and for the authorization of the production of most units and structures of American military assets.[1]

All U.S. Army headquarters initially set their alert status to DEFCON 3 (ROUND HOUSE).



DA Portrait Excavator Excavator
Costs $500.


DA Portrait WorldMediaSupport World media support
Costs $1200. Repatriating non-combat personnel will generate $500 instead of $250.
DA Portrait AlertStatus DEFCON2 Alert Status DEFCON 2
Costs $5000. Sets the alert status of the HQ to DEFCON 2.
DA Portrait AlertStatus DEFCON1 Alert Status DEFCON 1
Costs $4500. Sets the alert status of the HQ to DEFCON 1. Requires Alert Status DEFCON 2.



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