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One shot, one kill!
- Heavy sniper

The heavy sniper is the long-range anti-ground infantry unit of the Task Force Talon.


The heavy snipers are elite soldiers of the Task Force Talon armed with the Model 82A1 scoped rifle, making them one of the deadliest infantry units on the battlefield. These guns are so powerful that they can even take out light vehicles.[2]


Like most snipers, the name of the game is stealth as heavy snipers cannot take much heat. However the rifle's power allows them to engage light vehicles (or heavy tanks when massed) and buildings when strategically placed out of sight. They can also snipe garrisoned infantry in civilian buildings to clear them out from a safe range.

A combined attack between Task Force Commandos and Heavy Snipers is quite effective, as the commandos take the brunt of the attack while the snipers provide longer range firepower against ground targets.


DA Portrait Capture.png Capture
Selected unit(s) will capture all enemy POWs in the target location designated on the map.
DA Portrait Stances Infantry Crawl.png Crawl
Selected unit will change to crawl stance. A crawling soldier is much harder to detect for enemy units, but reduces speed. Ability can only be used if the infantry is in standing stance.
DA Portrait Stances Infantry StandUp.png Stand up
Selected unit will change to standing stance. A standing soldier has increased speed, but can be easily detected and picked off by enemy units. Ability can only be used if the infantry is in crawling stance.
DA Portrait Ambush.png Ambush
Selected unit(s) will hide behind cover, such as trees or civilian vehicles, to do more damage.


DA Portrait CQBCapture.png CQB capture training
Increases the number of surviving enemy crew members and heavily wondered soldiers on the battlefield.
DA Portrait GUOSDrone.png GUOS drone deployment
Costs $1000. In High Treason this upgrade enables Heavy Snipers to launch GUOS drones for scouting purposes. GUOS drones reveal all stealth units. High Treason only.


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