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Task Force Talon is forced from their base on the Yucatan Peninsula after it is attacked by a typhoon missile submarine; the group has escaped and set off to find out more about the virus stolen by the Consortium as well as try and find out who is behind the framing of the Task Force.


I can't get a lock on those typhoons, they're faster and quieter than standard specs...
- Vega on the typhoons that attacked them.

While attempting to find out more about what the Consortium was planning to do in the Yucatan Peninsula, the Task Force was attacked by a Typhoon typhoon missile sub and their VTOL transport was destroyed, leaving them stranded on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Thinking quickly, Vega was able to locate a Visby class corvette with which they could use to escape. The Task Force quickly secured it and fled the area, leaving behind all of their heavy equipment in the process.

Sub hunters

Vega is unable to locate the typhoons properly, and believes that the Consortium has found a way to upgrade the Typhoons to make them quieter than the standard specification. However, she is able to plot three different courses that they might take. Seeing the danger in getting too close which might result in being torpedoed, Richter orders Jefferson to take the Visby's ASW helicopter out to the three courses to find the sub.

Jefferson is able to find a sub in between two small islands. He quickly destroys it and prepares to return to the Visby corvette.

Friend or foe?

We should probably do unto them before they do unto us sir.
- Jefferson

At that moment, Vega detects a duo of US Navy vessels headed for them, a Tarawa class amphibious assault ship and an Arleigh Burke class destroyer. Richter decides to retreat, not wanting to shed any unnecessary US blood despite Jefferson's protest to the contrary.

At that moment, Vega detects another Typhoon submarine headed towards the duo. Richter immediately sends Jefferson in the helicopter to intercept it, but it arrives too late; a torpedo hits the destroyer, although Jefferson is able to sink it before it can do anymore damage.

Richter contacts the man in charge of the duo, Rear Admiral Burns and offers his assistance. Burns replies that they have already been hit but will be fine. Richter tries to negotiate and tells him about the Consortium; Burns remains suspicious even though he knows Richter did not fire on them. Richter is eventually able to persuade him into a temporary alliance, although the Admiral warns that Richter will be fired upon at the first sign of suspicious activity.

The trio of ships then confront a sizable force of Tarantul corvettes and the enemy's own Visbys. The firepower that the Arleigh Burke puts out along with the Tarawa's harriers is more than enough to destroy many of the ships, even as incoming aircraft are detected and are quickly shot down by the CIWS of the Arleigh Burke and Tarawa.

The trio proceed to eliminate an outpost on an island; the Arleigh Burke circles around and bombards it with its cannon, Harrier jets take out any vehicles, and the smaller TFT Visby watches for enemy ships.

Richter is at a lost for what to do next as they have lost track of the typhoons.

I guess it's time to switch to plan B.

Plan B sir?

Yeah...any suggestions?
- Richter and Vega

Heading for Cuba

Just then, Vega picks up something, a disturbance caused by the last typhoon having bumped into a shelf while underwater. She realizes that its passing through a small underwater pass originally used during the Cold War by Soviet Submarines to get close to the US coast, with Cuba on the other end of the pass.

Richter declares that they set a course for Cuba as their Plan B; however a few ships of the Cuban navy stand in between them and the coast of Cuba.

A large battle ensues between the trio and the Cuban Navy. Burns takes the Arleigh Burke right into the middle of the Cuban force to use the destroyers deck gun to good effect, quickly sinking several while the Visby and the Tarawa take care of the remainder ships.


And for what it's worth, I'll put in a good word for you back at the pentagon
- Burns complimenting Richter's performance

As they approach Cuban waters, Burns can go no closer, but compliments Richter on his performance in the sea battle and decides to put in a good word for him. Richter thanks him, but then decides that a bigger thank you would be to give a landing craft for TFT to use. Burns approves, and gives them a LCAC to use. In addition, Burns decides to raise the Typhoon wrecks to find out how they were upgraded and by whom.

Jefferson and a small squad land first, they are directed by Vega to go to an abandoned military base and secure it for TFT's uses. This is easily done as the base is lightly guarded and is quickly captured. The one oil derrick that the base is sitting on is quickly put to work, and captured Hind helicopters provide TFT with the muscle they need to protect the base.

Richter suggests that Jefferson investigate the area and try to find any abandoned vehicles that they can use. Jefferson leads a team of BTR-80s out to find any vehicles. Vega also tells him of another oil depot that he could use.

The BTRs and Jefferson destroy several enemy units and a few buildings. They recover three Piranha self-propelled howitzers and escort them back to base just as Vega picks up a call for reinforcements from the main consortium base.

The Piranhas are quickly put to work; they bombard the tower from afar with their guns, quickly destroying it and preventing the broadcast for reinforcements from getting out. At this point Vega also picks up an air control tower a distance away and out of reach of land forces. Richter calls-up Admiral Burns and requests help, the Admiral sends him a pair of Arleigh burke-class destroyers. Although several patrol boats of the Cuban navy turn up, they prove to be no much for the power of the destroyers and are wiped out. The destroyers target the tower from afar with their tomahawk cruise missiles and level it quickly.

In the meantime, the Piranhas slowly finish off the main consortium base with repeated artillery attacks. Soon nothing except for a few scattered units remain, easily mopped up by the Hind helicopters.

Crossing to Cuba

Vega's research into the X-357 virus revealed that it could be modified to infect humans. In addition, after researching corporations capable of handling X-357, she discovered Dr. Morelos, who was the head of research for a very large company and one of Cardiff's supporters. After building several ships, the TFT broke through the Cuban navy and destroyed the Consortium forces, forming a beachhead for the TFT forces to land.

Assaulting the Hacienda


With the revelation that Senator Watts is in fact alive as well as the fact that then Vice-President Cardiff was the inside job that enabled the assassination of President Baldwin, Task Force Talon finally has a way to clear its name. They decide to bring Watts with them to a base in the Bahamas commanded by a friend of Richter.

From there they plan to broadcast proof of Cardiff's involvement with the Consortium as well as reveal that Watts is in fact alive and well.