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Major Jason Richter is a former Delta Force commander and serves as the primary head of leadership for Task Force Talon in Act of War: Direct Action and Act of War: High Treason. He serves as the main protagonist and player character.


Richter is a 23 year veteran of the United States Army, and the former commander of the 1st Special Forces Detachment Delta. Because of his unorthodox approach, Richter is viewed as a menace by the Pentagon. Despite this, Richter is a man of principle; he serves only his country and tries his best to prevent unnecessary bloodshed.[1]

Nevertheless, Richter's loose cannon personality caught the attention of National Security Advisor Chamberlain, who offered him in becoming the field commander of the new Task Force Talon.

Richter was at some point married and later divorced. His ex-wife was re-married with a member of the 83rd Artillery, which Richter found out from spying on her.[2]


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"Duck for cover!"


Behind the scenes

In Act of War: Direct Action, Major Jason Richter is portrayed by Christian Fanning.



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