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Armed and dangerous!
- Javelin soldier
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The Javelin anti-tank soldier is the best weapon to use against armor and buildings. The Javelin is a fire-and-forget anti-tank missile.[1]


Javelin soldiers are the only dedicated anti-armored infantry for the United States, their weapon however, can only be fired in direct attack mode (compare to the real one which has top-attack flight mode)

Javelin soldiers can be useful in both defensive and offensive roles, they deal reasonably high amount of damage against vehicle especially when use in large number, but lack effectiveness against soft target such as infantry and any foot mobile units, and need to be constantly shielded from such threat.

A combined attack between marines and Javelin soldiers can makes a perfect combo, due to the fact that they have much longer range than their U.S Marine brethren, which means that in the times of any major assault they will automatically take position in the rear, dealing damage while the relatively tougher and more numerous marines are holding the line, in the urban environment, Javelin soldiers can take advantages of elevated position to avoid being crushed by tanks, but still need to watch out for enemy infantry storming the building.



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