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Josh Cardiff was the vice president and presidential candidate, and later president of the United States of America after Baldwin's assassination. Secretly an agent of the Consortium, he collaborated with Colonel Whitemore and Dr. Felipe Morelos in their plot to destroy the Task Force Talon and unleash the X-357 virus during the Day of the Consortium.


Much of his exploits before the Day of the Consortium is unknown, but if he was part of the US administration during the Oil Crisis (likely Vice President before), Cardiff likely conspired with the Consortium in allowing the attacks on the US mainland to occur.

Day of the Consortium

Cardiff was initially the vice presidential candidate running for reelection with Baldwin, who was running against senator James Watts. On the night of the first presidential debate in New York, Cardiff and Watts were attacked by Consortium terrorists; Watts was captured by terrorists on a Manhattan highrise while Cardiff was grounded on his Air Force One at JFK International Airport.

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