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Kamov, switching to stealth mode now.
- Ka-58 Black Ghost

The Kamov Ka-58 Black Ghost is a Russian stealth attack helicopter operated by the Consortium during the events of the Day of the Consortium.[1]


Black Ghost is picking up radar activity.
- Ka-58 Black Ghost

Armed with deadly air-to-air missiles, the Ka-58 is used to establish local air superiority by destroying enemy helicopters and even fast-flying jet bombers. This stealth attack helicopter costs $2000. It has stealth capacity while not attacking.


DA Portrait Stances VTOL Land.png Land
Helicopter will land, allowing it to heal infantry on the ground and avoid anti-air missiles. Ability can only be used if the helicopter is in the air.
DA Portrait Stances VTOL TakeOff.png Take off
Helicopter will take off from the ground, allowing for movement. Ability can only be used if the helicopter is landed on the ground.


  • The Black Ghost is based on the Ka-52 Alligator. Despite belief it was a cancelled prototype aircraft similar to the Comanche, the Black Ghost was merely a toy model as part of popular model kits licensed by the Kamov company.


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