No armor is coming down here.
- Kornet missile
DA Portrait Kornet

The Kornet Anti-Tank Missile System is the Consortium's anti-armor infantry. They have decent vision range, and the ability to fire beyond their LOS.[1]


We're going in!
- Kornet missile

The Kornet missile are good to pick off TFT defenses should they decide to turret spam. Placing them in BTR’s gives them a +0.5 firepower bonus, makes them great to fight off Strykers and Spinners since you can pop them in and out of your BTR’s at will. However if your opponent has Spinners, you should not rely on them for too long.


The Kornet is a Russian anti-tank guided missile (ATGM). It is intended to deal with main battle tanks and to engage slow and low flying helicopters, but is not intended to fully replace previous systems, due to the cost. The missile carries the GRAU designation 9M133 and the NATO reporting name AT-14 Spriggan.

The Kornet anti-tank missile was first unveiled in October 1994 by the KBP Instrument Design Bureau. The missile had started development in 1988 as a modular, universal system able to engage any target from a mix of platforms using a reliable laser beam guidance system that was simple to use. It is a heavy ATGM superior to the earlier 9K111 Fagot (NATO: AT-4 Spigot) and 9K113 Konkurs (NATO: AT-5 Spandrel) wire-guided ATGMs, but not to replace them (due to the cost). The missile is believed to have also entered service in the Russian army in 1994, its export designation is the Kornet-E.

Helmet (possibly Sfera with anti-fragment glasses) and urban camouflage these soldiers are like equipment of Russian OMON.


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