USS San Antonio, waiting for orders.
- LPD San Antonio
HT Portrait LPDSanAntonio

The LPD San Antonio Class Landing Platform Dock requires the Drone technology upgrade, costs $7000 and is deployed at the shipyard.[1]


The LPD deploys up to two VTOL FA-35s close-air support aircraft ($2500 each). For all intent and purposes, the FA-35s perform as helicopters.

The LPD itself has anti-aircraft missiles for anti-aircraft defense, in addition to the F/A-35’s air-to-air missiles. It deploys a Sea Hawk anti-submarine helicopter, as well it has a Ping radar. For offensive purposes, in addition to the FA-35s, the LPD has a Harpoon missile launcher that fires twin long-range Harpoon anti-ship missiles once every six seconds.


Aye sir, USS San Antonio is moving in!
- LPD San Antonio

The San Antonio class is the U.S. Navy's new primary class of amphibious transport dock (LPD) warships for the first third of the 21st century. These warships are to replace the older Austin class, Cleveland class, and Trenton class LPDs, as well as the Anchorage class dock landing ships, the Newport class tank landing ships, and one class of ships that has already been retired, the Charleston class amphibious cargo ships.


HT Portrait FA-35 FA-35 Joint Strike Fighter
Costs $2500. Multirole fighter.
HT Portrait Seahawk SH-60B Seahawk
Costs $1000. Anti-submarine helicopter.


HT Portrait RecallAircraft Ship Recall all aircraft
The FA-35 JSFs will immediately return to the ship. Ability cannot be preformed if all of the FA-35s are already landed on the ship.



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