London is the capital and the largest city of England and the United Kingdom. One of the oldest cities in Europe, it is the main world hub for global trade and financial flows.

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London was to host the 2017 World Energy Forum meeting to provide dialogue on the world energy crisis. Attendees of the meeting included Harold Kingman, CEO of TransGlobal Energy; and Yegor Zakharov, representative of the World Energy Consortium. The summit attracted a major protest in the city, with many of the civilians angry with the rising oil prices. The Task Force Talon was sent to guard the attendees as they arrived.

However, when the attendees arrived near Buckingham palace, the area was attacked by Consortium-affiliated terrorists. Kingman was kidnapped, while the American embassy was subsequently bombed. Task Force Talon, along with the help of the London police and the SAS, fought off the terrorists and tracked down Kingman locked in a safehouse basement with Zakharov.

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