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The M113A3 is a fully tracked armored personnel carrier used by the United States Army during the Oil Crisis and the Day of the Consortium.[1]


The M113A3 is an excellent heavy transport for up to eight infantry units. With its respectable speed, strong resistance to enemy fire and M2 Browning machine gun, you can use it to reinforce your front line or assist a main assault force against infantry without any risk of losing troops on the way. Additionally, it provides a decent anti-infantry option thanks to the M2 Browning MG. Moreover, since it is considerably more armored than the Bradley, it can also be used to draw some fire from heavier weapons for Bradleys to deal their damage.

Trying to go directly through enemy defenses to breach their line and drop troops behind is also a viable option.


DA Portrait LoadUnit.png Load
An infantry unit that is selected will load into the M113. Ability cannot be preformed if all the M113's transport slots are full.
DA Portrait UnloadUnits.png Unload all units
By instead pressing the V key and designating a location on the map, the M113 will first move to that indicated location and unload there. Ability cannot be preformed if all the M113's transport slots are empty.



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