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The MM-1 mortar soldier is the Consortium's anti-infantry artillery infantry unit, armed with the Hawk MM-1 grenade launcher.[1]


The MM-1 is a 40x46mm semi-automatic grenade launcher manufactured in the USA by the Hawk Engineering Company. The manufacturer claims that it has been used by US Special Forces units, as well as the military forces of several South American and African countries.

The helmet of the soldier like a Soviet helmet SSh-68. Clothing of the mortar soldier is very similar to the uniforms of the Russian army 90s.


Relatively heavy and bulky, the MM-1 can provide considerable firepower, with practical rate of fire as much as 30 rounds per minute. It can be useful in ambushes and other fast-paced close combat scenarios.

They are very useful against TFT and basically all types of infantry, it is often ignored by many CST players, but this unit is going to be a great addition to your army when facing TFT.

Usually used in pairs of 2 or more. The MM-1 can be used to empty buildings of enemy infantry. Well placed on roofs around a bank to provide support by re-emptying a nearby bank should it be captured again.


DA Portrait AttackArea.png Attack area
Selected unit(s) will lay down a continuous barrage of fire at the target location designated.


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