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The Mjolnir super-heavy howitzer is Task Force Talon's tactical weapon. It is accessible once the S.H.I.E.L.D technology is researched.[1]


The Mjolnir howitzer deploys nuclear artillery salvos, storing up to two such shells at once. The salvos can be upgraded with the red mercury fusion technology which increases their firepower.



DA Portrait Mjolnir Warhead.png Salvo conventional warheads
Costs $3000. A maximum of two warheads can be deployed.
DA Portrait Mjolnir Warhead RedMercury.png Salvo red mercury warheads
Costs $3000. Requires red mercury fusion technology.


DA Portrait Mjolnir RedMercuryFusion.png Red mercury fusion technology
Costs $2500. The Mjolnir howitzer is armed with the red mercury fusion shells, causing considerably more damage than the nuclear shells.



  • The Mjolnir is the only tactical weapon that has not been featured in either of the campaigns for Act of War.

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