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General Morrison Kelly is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States of America. He oversees the operations of Task Force Talon, commanded by Major Jason Richter.


The Oil Crisis

During the terrorist attacks in San Francisco, Kelly informs Richter he needs Task Force Talon to immediately deploy and engage the terrorist (Consortium) forces, as the main US army will not be able to arrive until the next few hours. After Richter and Jefferson managed to hold off the invading forces from the toll plaza, Kelly informs Richter again that main response units have arrived with the USS Harry S. Truman.

Day of the Consortium

When Richter and Jefferson were attempting to rescue Senator Watts on the Kiefer Tower, Kelly told Richter to immediately pull his team out, as things are worse than they seem. Just after Jefferson exfiltrated, the top of the building exploded, supposedly killing the Senator in the process.[1]

The following morning, Kelly was taken into custody for investigation into the deaths of President Baldwin and Senator Watts. He was faced with conspiracy and treason charges for his alleged involvement. Task Force Talon was then immediately disavowed.[2]

After Senator Watts was rescued by the TFT in Cuba, Kelly was reinstated back into his position.

Behind the scenes

  • In Direct Action, General Kelly is portrayed by Bill Thurlow.


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