DA Portrait MotorPool

The Motor Pool is the primary vehicle construction building of the Consortium. It is an undercover building and costs $2500.[2]



DA Portrait AMX-10RC AMX-10 RC
Costs $1800. Medium tank.
DA Portrait Porcupine Porcupine
Costs $1600. Light artillery.
DA Portrait BTR-80 BTR-80
Costs $1500. Armored personnel carrier.
DA Portrait Tunguska Tunguska
Costs $1800. Anti-air vehicle.
HT Portrait PolarisSniper Polaris sniper
Costs $900. Light all-terrain vehicle. High Treason only.[1]


DA Portrait Porcupine RapidStealthDeploy Porcupine rapid stealth deployment
Costs $1000. Affects Porcupine.
DA Portrait Tunguska Radar Tunguska extended radar and stealth detection
Costs $1000. Affects Tunguska.


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