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Kiowa to eagle's nest, we're moving to target.
- OH-58D Kiowa

The OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopters are deployed at the helipad at $1600 each. They operated during the Day of the Consortium.[1]


Rocket salvos are go!
- OH-58D Kiowa

Kiowas have stealth capacity while not firing or using its Ping radar. You can manually activate the Ping radar which will double the vision range and reveal enemy stealth units for ten seconds and it takes 60 seconds to recharge this ability.

Kiowa’s can manually fire short-range Hydra 70 rocket salvos which are mostly effective against infantry targets and it takes 30 seconds to recharge this ability. When in groups of 3 to 5 they are able to take out most armored vehicles and lightly armored structures with their rocket salvos and are good for initiating attacks and ambushes or assaulting unprotected zones.


DA Portrait Stances VTOL Land.png Land
Helicopter will land, allowing it to heal infantry on the ground and avoid anti-air missiles. Ability can only be used if the helicopter is in the air.
DA Portrait Stances VTOL TakeOff.png Take off
Helicopter will take off from the ground, allowing for movement. Ability can only be used if the helicopter is landed on the ground.
HT Portrait Kiowa RocketSalvo.png Launch a rocket salvo
The Kiowa fires a Hydra 70 rocket salvo, which are usually effective against infantry, light vehicles and structures.
HT Portrait Kiowa PingRadar.png Activate ping radar
Double's the Kiowa vision range and gives stealth detection capability. The helicopter will be revealed and will not be available for use during ping radar activity.


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