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My proof is a refinery exploding in Houston. My proof, is a CEO half dead in a London basement. My proof is Trans-Global's building in San Francisco which those guys used as target practice!
- Richter attempting to convince Kelly to allow him to deploy to Egypt.

Operation Falling Hawk[1] was an operation conducted by Task Force Talon to protect the TransGlobal Energy refinery in Egypt from a terrorist attack.


My fellow Americans, tonight we are a nation called to defend freedom. I am ordering all active military personnel home effective immediately, they will join in the fight against terrorism here at home...
- President Baldwin issuing a troop recall.

In the aftermath of Operation Rolling Sea, a worldwide troop recall is issued by President Baldwin, much to Major Richter's chagrin. In a heated discussion with General Kelly, he explains how the recall has left several areas open to an attack by the unknown terrorists force.

He shows the General a satellite image of the TGE refinery in Egypt, the image shows terrorists surrounding the refinery and preparing to capture it. Kelly finally relents, and allows Richter to conduct an operation to protect the refinery.

USS Truman to the rescue

Beaches aren't secure yet General, we need air support so that we can clear the way for our landing party.

Understood Major, the problem is we've got this damn troop recall. We still got an aircraft carrier in the Red Sea: The USS Truman, although I can't give you much, 4-6 sorties, that's all I've got.
- Richter and Kelly

USS Truman standing by

Due to the troop recall, Task Force Talon does not have access to the necessary assets to perform a full scale operation. However, the carrier USS Truman and its FA-18 Hornets are still in range of the target destination, and will be able to provide close air support for the landings for a while at least.

Richter proceeds to call in airstrikes on to the beach, targeting various vehicles and defensive structures on the beach, destroying several BTR-80s, railgun turrets and other assorted structures, however, a few planes are lost to Tunguskas, at least one SA-7 soldier, and the railgun turrets. Despite this though, with repeated airstrikes, all opposing forces on the beach are soon taken out.

New Planes for New Strikes

Task Force Talon lands in V-44 transports and sets up a headquarters and barracks along with a number of aircraft control towers.

Vega soon detects movement and tracks a small armored column approaching the base, they have stopped for the moment though, so Richter calls in Global Hawks armed with Hellfire missiles, and within moments, the column is nothing but a wreck.

Task Force Talon begins setting up for more airstrikes, but Vega uncovers a battery of SAMs similar to the one encountered in San Francisco.

Richter brings in a platoon of infantry to help Jefferson, the small team moves carefully through the nearby town; they take losses from soldiers waiting in ambush, but press on until they reach the Battery, and destroy it.

Vega then alerts that the opposing force has their own air control tower a short distance from the Battery, despite taking losses from ambushes, Jefferson presses on, successfully destroying the structure.

With the airspace now mostly free, Task Force Talon proceeds to call in airstrikes all over the opposing force, while a number are destroyed by lurking Tunguskas and railgun turrets, the constant strike wear down the opposing force, a large number of their trucks are also blown up by a hellfire fired from a Global Hawk.

Aftermath of Task Force Talon's airstrikes on the enemy base

In the end though, the airstrikes wipe out most of the opposition, however, National Security Advisor Chamberlain has learned about the operation and is infuriated with Richter and General Kelly for their disobedience of his orders, despite General Kelly taking full blame for it, Chamberlain allows it to continue, and orders Richter to secure an oil derrick to provide funds for the operation.

"Sand between the toes again"

I don't give a damn whether or not you briefed the Egyptians, you were acting in direct opposition to the President's MY orders Richter
- Chamberlain berating both Kelly and Richter

Task Force Talon sets up a small base with light defenses, and prepares to move on the oil derrick, as it is weakly defended, it is quickly captured and put to work generating funds for TFT.

However, Vega detects an enemy force inbound, it suddenly vanishes from her view, upon readjustment, they reappear only to disappear again, she immediately deduces that they are light stealth vehicles .

The oil derrick

The capture team quickly doubles back, and catch the stealth force in between it and the base defenses, the force is quickly pulverized.

In anticipation of more attacks, more defenses are set up at both the home base as well as the oil derrick; Vega detects both an enemy motor pool as well as an air control tower. Aircraft brought in by the tower are easily destroyed by TFT defenses and Buggies upgraded with stingers although the buggies take a beating from the Air-to-ground missiles of the planes.

A force is assembled to take out both the motor pool and the air control tower, as they approach the force is made to deal with repeated ambushes from buildings and a few bunkers. Nevertheless, they reach and destroy both the motor pool and the air control tower, discovering another oil derrick in the process and quickly capturing it as the original supply begins to run out.

After this, TFT gets a report of Prisoners being held nearby, a rapid assault by commandos and snipers takes out the guards and the prisoners are swiftly repatriated, but not before they reveal a second enemy base.

The base is guarded by a pair of SAMs, once again TFT destroys them to enable close air support, they then sweep in with air cover and destroy the base.

Tracks in the Sand

The base’s destruction yields a surprising treasure, a prototype stealth tank; Richter has it airlifted away for further study while the rest of TFT prepares to assault the final enemy stronghold in the area.

The Prototype stealth tank

Mortars creep forward while continuously firing, slowly reducing the Air-to-air defenses of the stronghold, allowing airstrikes to level and destroy most of whatever remains, ground troops then sweep in and after a short yet fierce fight, clear the remainder of the stronghold from enemy hands.

The tank is eventually found to have been made by Yegor Zakharov, the same person who TFT rescued in London. It is suspected that he may be the mastermind of the terrorists.

At the Gates of Oil Hell

Major Richter, this is the president, I agree. I hear what you're saying, do exactly what you need to protect the refinery, right Chamberlain?
- President Baldwin gives Richter the go order

As Task Force Talon readies a large force to storm the TGE Refinery and retake it, Richter contacts Chamberlain and gives him his report, Chamberlain claims that he is now in a meeting with the President; Richter angrily tells him that the facility will be completely blown up if they do not attack now.

Task Force Talon marshals its forces for an assault

At this point, the president interrupts the two and personally gives Richter the go order, telling him “do exactly what you have to do to protect the refinery.”

Task Force Talon uses the spinner drone’s bomb drone to scout and destroy the enemies at the entrance, as well as mortars to destroy power sources to take out the railgun turrets, Task Force Talon assaults vigorously but carefully, employing snipers to take out enemies from a distance or in buildings and using Stryker mortars to clear out larger groups.

They slowly fight their way to an oil derrick where they eliminate the local opposition and set up base.

With that done, Richter tasks Jefferson with securing and protecting the Administrative building as it is key to the continued operation of the refinery. Vega advises that Jefferson has to hurry as the enemy is converging on it.

As the Consortium is everywhere, Task Force Talon has to fight carefully, using snipers and mortars to root out those hiding in buildings, they slowly move into and secure the area, garrisoning the surrounding buildings for better cover. The consortium mounts a number of attacks, including using Hind helicopter to support, all are in vain though as the defending force throws each attack back.

Countdown to Mayhem

As resources begin to run low, Vega suggests securing another oil derrick nearby.

Task Force Talon moves out, continuously relying on sniper and mortar fire to root out ambushes, with additional support from S.H.I.E.L.D. units and more spinner drones, the second derrick is quickly taken.

Vega however, has bad news as she detects a large convergence of enemies towards a another part of the refinery, a recon drone indicates that there is in fact, a second control building in the complex. A frustrated Richter growls that Chamberlain's maps were useless and orders Jefferson to secure and defend it as quickly as he can.

Now with two areas to defend, and not much time before the enemies reach the second location, Jefferson throws together a hodgepodge of units while calling in additional reinforcements, the force fights it way in vicious combat to the second area and barely secure it just in time as the enemies start their attack.

The consortium targets all four main TFT points, the two bases and the two buildings, air support barely ensures that they are staved off.

Vega has more bad news, and alerts that akula tanks are now in operation, this combined with a bomb truck assault nearly breaks the defenders at the second building, air supports holds them off until reinforcements are able to reach them and bolster the second force.

Eventually, the Consortium gives up and retreats, and Jefferson declares victory.


Despite Yegor Zakharov's exposure as the mastermind behind the attacks on Houston, London and San Francisco, he remains strong and still has many supporters.

Accusing the USA of plotting an invasion of Russia, he initiates a civil war in the Russian Federation and is backed by traitorous elements of the Russian army, President Baldwin authorizes military aid to the Russian President Petrenko.

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