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My fellow Americans, tonight we are a nation called to defend freedom. I am ordering all active military personnel home effective immediately, they will join in the fight against terrorism here at home...
- President Baldwin issuing a troop recall

Operation Hedgehog was the global withdrawal of multiple US military assets in order to fight a perceived threat on the US mainland from terrorists in the aftermath of the Invasion of San Francisco.


Main article: Invasion of San Francisco

A short time after the London Incident when gunmen attempted to kidnap TransGlobal CEO Kingman, a massive terrorist strike was coordinated against San Francisco. The attack was incredibly sophisticated, the terrorists were numerous and were heavily armed not just with heavy weaponry but also with their own tanksarmored transports and even SAMs.

The attack was ferocious and devastating, at least 1200 people were killed and over 500 or so terrorists were still unaccounted for after the final assault on their stronghold in the San Francisco bay area. The invasion also prompted the first deployment of the S.H.I.E.L.D power armor units, they were supposed to be a secret but Richter demanded them for the final assault in order to gain more firepower to finally overwhelm the terrorists.


Main article: Invasion of Egypt
Somebody went to a lot of trouble to get us to pull our troops out of Egypt and he pulled it off. Our pieces are off the board and now this guy's got free rein.
- Richter explaining why the troop withdrawal was a bad idea

The troop withdrawal left a key area unprotected and undefended: the new TransGlobal refinery that was constructed to tap the Egyptian oil reserves. Given that the exploitation of such a vast and until recently undisturbed reserve of oil could potentially result in the end of the oil crisis, someone wanted to put a stop to that and attacked and captured the refinery.

This prompted Major Jason Richter, commander of Task Force Talon to convince the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and Staff General Morrison Kelly that he needed to deploy to Egypt in order to protect the refinery, Kelly eventually relented and gave the greenlight for Richter to proceed with his operation, resulting in the invasion of Egypt where Task Force Talon made their way from a landing on the beaches all the way to the refinery, fighting off terrorists all the way.

Despite a hard fight, the operation was successful in the end and the TGE refinery was retaken and protected.

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